Call Flip

Sometimes, during a conversation on a desk phone, you may need to leave the office. You have to ask the client to end the discussion and call back from your mobile phone in such cases.

Now you can seamlessly transfer the call to another device without interrupting the conversation, ensuring a smooth transition for the client.

Call Flip allows you to switch calls only between your devices, such as mobile phones, desk phones, or softphones. If you want to transfer the call to another employee, use the Call Transfer feature.

  1. Click the “star” button * during the call.
  2. The system will start ringing on your other connected devices without interrupting the conversation.
  3. Answer the call on the convenient device and hang up the previous one.
  4. Continue the conversation with the caller, they won't even notice that you have switched devices.

To use Call Flip, you need to have at least 2 devices connected to your account. If you have multiple devices connected (a mobile phone, SIP phone, or softphone), they will ring simultaneously after you click the * button.

Pay attention

You can flip a call only during incoming calls