Cloud PBX Mobile App

The cloud PBX mobile app is a user-friendly tool that empowers you to listen to company calls, access call statistics, and configure the cloud PBX, all from your iOS or Android devices.

Download it on App Store and Google Play.

An administrator can:

  • View a call summary for the current day to track how many calls employees have answered, made, or missed.
  • Access call history and recordings to quickly check how a new employee is handling calls or to address a conflict situation with a difficult client.
  • View call statistics for a custom period to identify patterns, such as trends in the increase of missed calls.
  • Modify сloud PBX settings (change call routing, configure call forwarding, add employees, reconfigure departments).

An employee can:

  • View call history and listen to the recordings of their own and colleagues' conversations to recall what was discussed with the client.
  • Update their сloud PBX profile information (for example, configure call forwarding to their mobile number immediately).

How to access the app?

After the installation, enter your username and password.

Can I make calls from the app?

The mobile application is designed to control company calls, listen to call recordings, and change сloud PBX settings using your smartphone. To make calls from your mobile phone and have the call data recorded in the сloud PBX, use a softphone.

Will there be new features added to the app?

Yes, the following features are currently under development and will be available in the future updates of the app, such as a blacklist, caller ID management, CRM integration settings, an SMS business card, and others.