When you log into your cloud PBX account for the first time, you'll be taken to the Employees tab in the Settings section. This is where you can add new employees who will operate the telephony system.

Click Add employee.

Enter employee credentials.

  • Name. Enter an employee name. A username will be autogenerated, but you can modify it if desired. You can also use the username for configuring a SIP phone or a softphone.
  • Password. Create or autogenerate a password for the employee account. Besides, it's essential for configuring a SIP phone or a softphone.
  • Job title. This information doesn't impact the cloud PBX settings. Fill it in as you wish.
  • System rights. Choose one of the three levels of access to the cloud PBX features:
    • Administrator. They have complete access to the cloud PBX, including settings, all company calls, and room recordings.
    • User. They can view statistics or external call history, and listen to external call recordings but don't have access to internal calls and conference room recordings. Users can only forward calls to their mobile phones.
    • Limited user. They have access to their external calls and can also configure call forwarding to their mobile phone.
  • Extension number. The system will autogenerate an extension (short) number, but you can modify it (it's prohibited to choose emergency telephone numbers).
  • Email. Enter the employee email address so that they can receive a welcome email with their username, password, and a link to the softphone.

Provide an employee phone number and enable call forwarding (instant or delayed) if necessary. You can specify both a mobile number and a landline number here.

Save the settings and create accounts for all employees. As a result, the homepage will have a similar appearance to the following:

After creating all the accounts, proceed to configure the departments.

Pay attention

If you need to add new employees or set up call forwarding afterward, you will have the option to use both a web interface and a free mobile app. With the app, you can easily manage your telephony settings, access call history, and listen to call recordings at any time and from anywhere.