Voicemail (Auto-Answer)

There are situations when none of the employees can answer a call, either during non-working hours or due to being busy. However, this should not be a reason to miss out on customers. With the voicemail feature, your customers can leave their questions or requests even if your employees are unable to pick up the phone.

To avoid losing potential clients during off-hours, set up call handling to the Auto-Answer in the Numbers section.

1. Select the number you want to configure the auto attendant for during non-working hours.

2. Set the operating mode to Scheduled. Configure the schedule for the number and select the route as Auto-Answer for non-working hours.

3. Click Save.

By default, the cloud PBX will play a standard message asking to leave a voicemail, but you can replace it with your computer file or use the Text-to-Speech feature to voice the message on the auto attendant at any time.

If a client calls during working hours but you are unable to respond quickly, you can configure the For impatient customers feature in the Departments section. Offer the client the option to leave a voicemail or request a queue callback.

All voicemail messages are displayed in the History section.

You can also receive voicemail messages via email. Configure notifications in two ways:

1. Through the More section.

Go to MoreCompany Auto-Answer and fax. Then choose departments and employees that the cloud PBX will send voicemail messages to.

2. Through the Departments section.

In the department settings, select the Suggest leaving a message at Company Auto-Answer… option. Click the Company Auto-Answer phrase (highlighted in blue).

You will be taken to the Auto-Answer settings window. You can specify the departments and employees who will receive auto-answer messages via email here.

The email notification about receiving a message will contain a link to the voice message file — the link will be available for 7 days. By clicking the link, you can listen to or download the message.