You will set up the call routing schedule during business hours here and choose where to redirect calls during off-hours. You can configure unique settings for each cloud PBX number and connected numbers from other providers.

1. Go to the Numbers tab in the Settings section to see how calls are currently being handled for your numbers.

2. Click the scheme to open the call handling settings.

3. Choose how your number will operate — 24/7 or according to a schedule.

The cloud PBX team recommends selecting Scheduled so that your clients can hear information about calling during off-hours and leave you a voicemail message.

Then click Configure the schedule.

4. Set employee working hours and time zone.

5. Choose the call handling logic, which depends on whether your number will operate on a schedule or 24/7.


You can configure different call handling schemes based on the time in the During business hours and During off-hours tabs.

During business hours, the call can be routed to a department, an employee, or an interactive voice response (IVR). You can use a default voice greeting or upload your own in each option.

We recommend sending the call to a department and distributing the calls to all employees simultaneously so that your clients receive a quicker response. It is better to use an IVR where it is truly necessary, as customers usually prefer to receive a prompt response.

During off-hours, you can ask the client to leave a voicemail message (it will be sent to your email and displayed in the Call History), inform them you're unavailable, or try to connect them with an on-call employee.

24 Hours

If you receive calls from clients 24/7, you have the option to route calls directly to a department or secretary, redirect them to a fax machine, or provide callers with an IVR to choose whom to speak with. In the case of the IVR, you will need to set up commands for multiple buttons.

6. Save changes. The basic configuration is complete.

You can now access the analytics, call history and recordings. We recommend configuring SMS business cards, missed call notifications, flexible scheduling for your number, CRM integration, and other features.