Call History and Recordings

The cloud PBX will help your team control sales calls. Call history (call details) is one of the most important sections of the cloud PBX where all calls made by your employees are displayed.

Our call history captures all incoming and outgoing calls, whether from mobile phones, SIP phones, softphones, or internal calls between employees.

So you can:

  • Filter calls by any period, clients, employees, or call types.
  • View basic statistical data based on the applied filters.
  • Access calls for the entire company or exclusively for your own.
  • Listen to call recordings and download them to your computer.
  • Print call details for reference.
  • Export call history to Excel for generating customized reports.

You can view the call history of an employee for a selected period. Listen to all successful calls and sort missed ones.

Click a client number and view all their calls with your employees for the past period.

Export the call history to Excel and get the required reports.

You can download call recording files for extended storage purposes, as they are retained on the server for one year from their creation. Besides, you can easily integrate such recordings into CRM and other systems.

You can use any FTP client for downloading. It's better to:

  • Enable passive mode for file transfer.
  • Increase the server response timeout to the maximum or disable it.

Any user with the Administrator status can download the files.

Access parameters:

  • Login: your account login with the Administrator status
  • Password: your password.
  • Port: 21.

The files are located in Recordings and organized in subdirectories based on the date in the format YYYY-MM-DD:

Inside the folders, the recording files have names following the owen_in_705_2022_10_10-12_49_26.mp3 pattern:

  • owen — the name of the employee who handled the call.
  • in — the call type (out for outgoing, in for incoming).
  • 705 — the client's or colleague's phone number.
  • 2022_10_10-12_49_26 — the date and time.