Call Transfer

At times, your employee might need to transfer a customer to another staff member.

Within the cloud PBX, there are two methods for carrying out a transfer:

  • Blind transfer. The call is immediately transferred to another employee regardless of their availability.
  • Assisted transfer. The employee first dials the intended recipient, speaks with them (the client doesn't hear the conversation), and then confirms the transfer.

The call transfer process varies based on the softphone used. However, here is a general outline of the procedure:

  1. Click Call Transfer.
  2. Enter the employee phone number you want to transfer the call to.
  3. Select the transfer type.
  4. Confirm the transfer.

The process of transferring a call may vary depending on the IP phone model. However, the general steps to perform a transfer are as follows:

  1. Press the Transfer button that may be labeled as “Tran,” “Trnsfr,” or something similar.
  2. Dial the phone number.
  3. Select the transfer type.

An analog phone does not have a built-in call transfer feature. To transfer a call, you need to use the call transfer function provided by the VoIP gateway. Besides, you can transfer incoming calls using the same method as with mobile phones.

If you have received a forwarded call on your mobile phone, you can still transfer the call to another employee.

During the call, dial *#number#, have a conversation with the caller, and then simply hang up to transfer the call.

More details:

  1. After dialing *#, the current call will be placed on hold, and your caller will hear music while you hear a beep.
  2. Enter the extension number of the employee where you want to transfer the call.
  3. Click #.
  4. The person you want to transfer the call to will answer, have a conversation with them, and simply hang up to merge the calls. Don't worry about the silence after hanging up, the call will be transferred.

If the employee is unavailable, you can return to the conversation by simply dialing back #.

Pay attention

Call transfer on mobile phones only works for incoming calls.

“I dial *#number# on my mobile phone and receive some subscription offer”

This issue occurs for Android users who dial the combination outside the current call window. Pay attention to the button you need to click before entering the combination: