Sending and Receiving Faxes

You can send and receive faxes even without a physical fax machine. If you have one, you can connect it to the cloud PBX.

If you have a fax machine, you can connect it to the cloud PBX and retain the previous fax functionality. Create another employee for the fax, connect the fax machine to a VoIP gateway, and configure an account on the VoIP gateway to work with the fax.

You can receive faxes even without a fax machine. Depending on how often you need to receive faxes, choose one of the following connection options:

  • Set up a phone number for your fax.
  • Make faxing one of the options in a self-service menu.
  • Offer the option to send a fax during off-hours.

Let's consider each of these methods.

Phone Number for Your Fax

To connect faxing to a special number permanently, go to the Numbers section. Select the 24 hours option and configure one of the numbers to work with the fax.

When calling such a number, you will hear a fax signal.

Faxing as an Option in a Self-Service Menu

You need the Numbers section, too. Select the 24 hours mode and self-service menu as a call distribution option. Connect the fax to one of the self-service buttons.

Faxing During Off-Hours

Select the Scheduled mode in the Numbers section and choose to forward incoming calls to the fax in the During off-hours tab.

How to Receive a Fax?

During the fax setup, specify the email addresses the faxes will be sent to. You can also configure them through MoreCompany Auto-Answer and fax.

You can send a fax without a fax machine via the cloud PBX softphone.

1. Enter the fax number in the Dial section.

2. Select Send fax instead of Call. A file selection window will appear.

3. Choose the file you want to send (in PDF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, or PNG formats) and click Open.