Queue Callbacks

You can offer clients to request a callback. In this case, the calling client retains their position in a queue, and once one of the department employees becomes available, the system will first call the employee and then the client.

Requesting a callback will help you retain customers and increase their loyalty since they no longer have to wait for a long time on the line for a response.

1. Click a department you want to configure queue callbacks for.

2. Find and enable the For impatient customers option at the bottom of the settings. Further down, additional settings will be revealed.

3. Enable Suggest ordering a callback or leave a message at Company Auto-Answer.

4. Use either a standard message or upload your audio recording.

5. Save current settings to enable notifications immediately.

Pay attention

The callback has a time limit, which is the same as specified in the If no employee answers within… section. If the waiting time in the queue has expired and none of the employees have answered the call, the system will call the customer back, apologize, and offer to leave a message on the voicemail.

We recommend setting the answer timeout to 10 minutes. If you set a shorter timeout, such as 30 seconds, employees may not have enough time to handle the callback, and the customer will receive a message indicating that the department is unavailable and will be prompted to leave a voicemail.