IP Restriction

If your company has heightened requirements for information security and you want to protect your cloud PBX from unauthorized access, you can use IP address restriction. Your employees will be able to authenticate in the cloud PBX and make outgoing calls from the approved IP addresses only.

Contact support and provide lists of IP addresses or IPv4 ranges (e.g., that are allowed or blocked for:

  • Accessing the cloud PBX personal account.
  • Making outgoing calls.

You can use unified settings or provide separate lists for accessing the personal account and making calls.

Pay attention

After applying the settings, any active sessions established from the restricted IP addresses will be terminated.

Depending on the tasks you have, choose the protection level:

  • Complete access restriction. When attempting to access the cloud PBX from an unauthorized IP address, employees will immediately see an error screen in their browser stating “such PBX does not exist.”
  • Access restriction after an unauthorized login attempt. After entering their credentials from an unauthorized IP address, an employee will see a message saying “Access from your IP is prohibited” and understand that they need to enable the office VPN to access the cloud PBX.

1. If you have integrated with a CRM system, add the IP addresses used by your CRM to the list of approved IP addresses. This is necessary for the proper functioning of the integration.

2. When setting up IP address access restrictions, explain to employees how it will impact their work processes. Since the restrictions also apply to the mobile application of the cloud PBX, employees will no longer be able to access it anytime and from anywhere.

Restricting access by IP address is a free feature.