Callback Widget for a Website

The Callback widget is a button that makes it easier to become your customer. Your website visitors just need to leave their phone numbers, and sales managers will take care of the rest of the work.

The widget has the form of a telephone receiver and is located in the bottom right corner of the website. So, your prospects will see that your managers are ready to answer any questions at any time.

Website visitors will see the callback widget regardless of the device they use — whether it's a computer or a smartphone.

What Happens After Clicking the Callback Widget?

1. A call request window appears, informing a client that your employee will call them back for free within 26 seconds. The client should just enter their phone number.

2. After the client leaves their phone number and clicks the I'm waiting for a call button, the cloud PBX calls your employee.

3. After the employee answers, the robot informs them about the callback request, and the cloud PBX automatically calls the client back.

4. The employee answers questions, handles objections, fulfills the customer's needs, and makes the sale.

With this feature, your prospects don't need to:

  • Pay for a call.
  • Listen to a voice menu.
  • Wait for your employee's response.

So, the callback widget is the most convenient way to get in touch with your company quickly and free of charge.

The lead catcher analyzes the website visitor behavior, and the widget pops up when a potential customer:

  • Spends some time on the website, studying the information.
  • Opens multiple pages of the website but doesn't make a purchase.
  • Is about to leave your website.

The popup callback widget retains the website visitor and encourages them to listen to your employee before exploring your competitor websites.

After requesting a callback from the website, the widget will inform the client that your employees will contact them during business hours.

Once business hours begin, the сloud PBX will call the client and connect them with an employee. The callback widget can operate not only according to a schedule but also 24/7 — you can set the working hours in the settings.

Callbacks are saved in the general history of incoming calls with a special note. With this feature, you can monitor the effectiveness of the website callback widget.

Besides, you can listen to the recordings of such calls in the History section.