Your company can have multiple phone numbers. So, your employees, departments, and regional offices can choose the numbers to make calls from.

To manage outgoing numbers, go to the Settings section, select More, and choose Outgoing numbers.

You can manage outgoing numbers through three settings that we will discuss further.

All calls will be made from the main number, if no personal or regional numbers are set.

Configure outgoing numbers for employees and departments. If an employee has a personal SIM card, they need to set up a personal rule (the rule is automatically created when configuring numbers for employees). You can also assign a number to a department (or regional office).

If an employee has both personal and department numbers, the system will choose the personal number for outgoing calls.

When making a call from a softphone, the employee can choose the desired number at the beginning of the call.

If you have numbers from another region, you can use them for calls to that region. For example, if you are based in New York but have clients in Los Angeles, you can connect a LA number and configure it as a regional one. In this case, your employees will be able to call LA numbers using your NYC number, creating a sense of company presence in the client region.

Make it easier

You can configure outgoing regional numbers not only for calls but also for messages. If a client sees an employee mobile number during an outgoing call, they can send photos and videos to the employee via WhatsApp. For example, they can send:
  • Car photos (for auto services).
  • Apartment pics (for real estate agencies).
  • Interior design examples (for construction companies).

You can set a rule so that when calling regional mobile numbers, the company mobile number is displayed. And when calling regional landline numbers, the landline number is displayed (in this case, the cost of the callback will be cheaper).

If you want to assign a single call number to mobile or landline numbers nationwide, select the “All Country” region.